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Comments from earlier guests.

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Dieke and Marije 10/5-17/5:

We had a lovely week on this beautiful "domaine". Except for one day, the weather was lovely, so we sat often outside in the garden with a good glass of wine and some french cheeses. Truly a place to reload your batteries! What a wonderful house and in beautiful surroundings too.

Corinne and Sven 3/5- 10/5:

We had a very good week here. No rain and lovely springtime weather. House, garden and surroundings were fantastic, also for someone who is recovering from an illness. With a good detailed map ( we found in the info basket in the house) you can make lovely walks starting from the house. Thanks a lot.

Piet and Tina 27/4- 3/5:

What a wonderful spot to enjoy the good things in life! The house felt very welcome. We think it has a cosy atmosphere and it is full of character. And it has all modern amenities. My wife was able to relax fully being pregnant with our first child that is to be born in one month's time. Thanks a lot.

Bart and Nita 19/4- 26/4:

To us this week in Villa valentine was a deeply therapeutical break after several months of hard work and a heavy workload in our busy village Amsterdam. The silence here, the fresh air, the walks, cycling on the mountainbikes, making a fire, sawing wood : all of this brings the stressed out person back into balance. Your house is truly big, beautiful and it is situated in beautiful surroundings too!

Evert, Dorien, Willem 18/8 - 24/8

What a wonderfull spot in a lovely location : just what we were looking for! The atmosphere of the cosy interior, the silence and tranquility of the quiet mini- village, the evenings with the open fire place. Willem, our son, has never seen so many cows, and was talking about them all day. we recommend Dijon as a city trip (small Paris). Walking to the village water well every day for fresh mountain water was a joy! Thanks and greetings.

Sandra and Jan 11/8 - 18/8 :

We thoroughly enjoyed your tastefully decorated home, garden and the whole ambiance. Villa Valentine = a lovely romantic house, one feels instantly at home here. Wonderful garden. Quietness, tranquility and silence. Walking in the forest, right behind the house. After one week here we feel completely revitalised.

Susan, Sander and Tim 4/8 - 11/8 :

We had a lovely week here and find it hard to leave this place and go home. When the weather was good, we enjoyed the garden. When it was raining, we made walks in the forest and afterwards we enjoyed the fire and a quiche from the oven with a glass of wine and a good book. What else does one need? We discouverd the surroundings, but Les Marceaux, the tiny village where the house is, is definitively the most beautiful spot. In short: beautiful environment, cute house, nice garden. we really enjoyed ourselves. Our son Tim never slept so well.

Family Nibbering 28/7 - 3/8 :

After staying here for a week, we have to go back to the usual every day life of day to day existance. It was a very good week for us. we enjoyed nature's rest. Thanks for this wonderfull week in a spectaculair environment for walks and trekkings. Like the japanese poet To Kai once said: Sometimes I think to myself What is the best day in my life? Always again and again I think quietly: Just today.

Freek and Bep 5/5 - 18/5 :

We enjoyed the silence! The sound of birds singing, dragonflies, frogs and butterflies. Made beautiful walks where we hardly came across anyone. Even on the lovely, quiet, meandering roads we hardly saw any cars. The calmness, rest and peacefulness of the place is intens.

14/4 - 21/4 : Family van den Berg:

we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly here. Temperatures between 20 and 26 degrees celsius, "exceptionel" for april according to the neigbours. The mailbox is being used by a bird and four eggs. Lovely spot.

Welmoedt and sandra 19/10 - 2/11 :

When you are lucky enough to be in Villa Valentine in autumn, you can prepare a meal "from your own garden" : the pears are falling from the peartree like crazy. (see recepee in guestbook VV) eat them in front of the fireplace in the livingroom with a glass of wine off course. very romantic here! Lovely house and we even sat outside in the sun for a few days. In the evening we lit the fire. Muscle aches from the walks. Beautiful here!

Hans and Heleen 9/6 - 28/6 :

When we arrived it was 30 degrees celsius. Lovely house. we felt straight away "chez nous" (= at home). A lot of reading and cooking deliciously. You find all kitchen utensils in the kitchen. The last days we made some nice trips, despite bad weather, eg to "Autun" (old roman city at 40 minutes drive).Lovely garden with several terraces. In the evening we sat in the cosy living room to read and listen to music. In short: both outside and inside: Villa Valentine is great! Many thanks.

Walter and Ronald :

We really enjoy going out for walks and it doesn't get much better than here in the morvan natural park. The weather changed from day to day. With a clear sky at night, it is beautiful to look at the stars. We really liked the house. Everything is there for a comfortable stay and we felt straight away at home.

Auke, Martijn, Sanne 5/8 - 12/8 :

we too had a lovely time here. The first holiday together with our first 3 months old child. She slept 10 hours a night here, so we as parents also got some good rest. Today we used the fireplace at night. The rest of the week we had lovely weather. Made good walks. very practical that there is a detailed walking map of the surroundings in the house. And lots of books and magazines to read. In short, you the owners are lucky, and therefore so are we, with this intensely beautiful and quiet place! At night one hears truly nothing here, except for the concerts of the crickets and the sounds of nature. And now..all we do is hope that Villa Valentine remains a well kept secret place...otherwise it will be too soon fully booked each summer!

Gertjan, Stein, Yvonne 25/7 - 5/8 :

we had a SUPER time here! The first week we had 38 degrees, and now it is 14 degrees! we enjoyed the "brocante" antique markets. Thanks for your hospitality in your lovely house. In one word it was TOP. We enjoyed the hammock. The frogs are ready mating in the pond. we had a super holiday here!

Ernst, Maye, Toon 15/7 - 21/7 :

We had a lovely stay here in Villa valentine. The whole week between 30-35 degrees! Autun is a lovely city in the vicinity. In the forest behind the house is a nice little stream, which small children enjoy watching. The mountain water from the village well is delicious to drink.